“I am a man of passion. You don’t know what that means, unless you are my kind. At the orphanage where they put me just before Garfield was assassinated, there were some older boys that caught a horse in a slopping field. They got the horse up against a fence down at the bottom of the field and tied him up.

An old horse.

They put kerosene on his tail and lit it and cut the rope and away went that old horse busting through fences to get away from the fire. But the fire went with him.

That horse, that’s me. That’s the man of passion. The fire chases you and catches you and then it’s in your blood. And after that, it’s the fire that has control, not the man.

Blame the fire of passion for what Albert H. Fish has done…”

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Writing Credit – Tyler Bell. Visit www.westsidefairytales.com

Research Credit – Dr. Hagar Barak


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