The Killing Machine Finale.

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Investigation Discovery stays classy by making a non-documentary TV show about Alcala, starring a dude from Seinfeld and Scandal. I should not assume the show is cheesy, but the poster sure is☺ (this is Alcala’s appearance on ‘The Dating Game’
video montage of pictures of women found among Alcala’s belongings, which the police asked for the public’s help in identifying


Flashback: Serial Killer Appears on ‘The Dating Game’ Mid-Spree

Rodney Alcala: The ‘Dating Game’ Killer Who Seduced Women With His Camera and A Smile
as the link says, this is a psychological profile of Alcala that appeared, for some reason, in international Business News. This is a collection of highlights from an interview given by UK psychologist, research and writer Dr. Nicola Davis, to Pick Me Up! Magazine. The subject of the interview is why did Alcala end up Alcala.


Stella Sands, The Dating Game Killer: The True Story of A TV Dating Show, A Violent Sociopath and A Series of Brutal Murders (St. Martin’s True Crime, 2011)
There are several books on Alcala, but as far as I can tell this one is the only one published by a known publishing house, as opposed to self-published. It is also more than twice the length of the other books on Alcala. It’s not a great book, not because it’s inaccurate or biased, mostly because it’s very slow.

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